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Cabinet Airflow Baffles



Air Diverter Kit 


Air Dam Kit 


Air Diverter KitFor systems that receive cool air through the bottom of the cabinet.  Air Diverter shown on a cabinet frame. Air Diverter consists of a bottom diverter tray, top and side baffles. 

Air Dam Kit

For systems that receive cool air through the front of the cabinet.  Air Dam does not include the bottom diverter tray.


Deliver More Cooling

The Air Diverter allows air to enter directly into the cabinet from under the raised floor and be directed to the most critical point of use — the fan intakes for servers and other mission-critical rack-mounted equipment. This air is typically 7°F cooler than air delivered through a perforated floor tile in the aisle. This temperature difference can produce up to a 28% higher heat transfer rate across heat sinks attached to microprocessors in that equipment. Receive More Cooling Benefit Both the Air Diverter and the Air Dam will seal the front area of the cabinet from the rear to prevent mixing of heated exhaust air with cool air being delivered at the front of the cabinet. In addition, both will prevent rear door-mounted fans from overdrawing the server fans and pulling the cold air around the equipment.

Reduce Vertical Hot Spots
Top-mounted cabinet fans create hot spots in the center of the cabinet or starve small servers toward the top of the cabinets by creating air velocity too high for smaller server fans to capture and pull through the equipment. The Air Dam and Air Diverter, by sealing off the front of the cabinet from the rear of the cabinet, will eliminate the need for top mounted fans in many applications and will maximize the effectiveness of rear door-mounted fans in higher heat density applications.

Maximize Your Total Cooling Solution

Increase the benefits of the Air Dam and the Air Diverter by assuring that bayed cabinets share a side panel and by installing filler panels on the front mounting rails on all unused RMU . CPI’s ECS Enclosure Blower will assist in directing under-floor chilled air into the cold air chimney space in the front of the cabinet. Sealing off cable access ports in floor tiles toward the rear of cabinets will optimize the air delivery capacity throughout the room and improve the overall CRAC efficiency in the room. 

Note: Cabinet Airflow Baffles block access to vertical cable managers located in the front of the cabinet.