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Fan Options



Top Mount Fan Kit 


Bottom Mounted Filtered Ventilation System 


Top Mounted Fan Kit 

The MegaFrame® Fan Kit provides optional ventilation and cooling for the cabinet.  Four fans mount on two interchangeable frames to fit cabinet top panel.  Grille design and ball-bearing motor offer longer life and quiet operation.  15’ long, 3-prong grounded power cord with molded plug. 


Bottom Mounted Filtered Ventilation System For 30” Deep Cabinets  


The Deluxe Filtered Cabinet Ventilation System provides “positive pressure” inside the cabinet ensuring the highest level of protection from airborne dust particles. This system has the fans and filters installed at the bottom of the cabinet. Air exhausts through vents in the cabinet top. Equipment may not be mounted in the two RMU at the bottom of the cabinet to allow clearance for cabinet intake air.  For 30" deep cabinets.  Check with Technical Support for additional sizes.