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Which Accessories


Accessories for four-post systems include shelves, trays and drawers, grounding and bonding,  cable management,
seismic and stabilization kits, power management, thermal management, and security.


CPI enclosed cabinets provide physical security and prevention of unauthorized access. CPI further enhances equipment protection with a line of electronic locking systems that provide intelligent, effective security for cabinets. 


Power Management

CPI Power Management Solutions combine UPS, PDU, and Power Strips to provide computer, network and communications equipment with clean, continuous and redundant power. 


Shelves, Trays, or DrawersCPI manufactures a wide range of shelves and trays to support equipment, such as monitors and keyboards. The products are available solid or vented, with various load capacities, and in 19 or 23 widths.   

Extra Heavy Duty Shelf 

Installation and Mounting
CPI offers a wide variety of installation and mounting products that facilitate setup.

Retractable Stabilizer


Cable Management
CPI provides an end-to-end solution to help you organize cables and cords throughout your network. Various styles of cable management provide a convenient cable run within, between and around racks and cabinets for better cable performance.


Horizontal Cable Manager


Seismic Bracing 


The M-Series Cabinet can be fitted with seismic and stabilization kits to offer structural security. 


Seismic Bracing

Thermal Management

Rack-mount computer and data storage equipment produces heat during normal operation. The heat is removed by internal fans that draw air front-to-rear through the equipment. Concentrating a high volume of low-temperature air at the front of equipment is the best cooling strategy.  Enclosure Blower to guide cool air to the front of equipment and Intelligent Fan Doors to remove hot air from the rear of the cabinet 

Delphi Blower

Grounding and Bonding
CPI offers a comprehensive line of UL® Listed grounding and bonding products, which help prevent transient voltage from damaging sensitive electronic equipment.