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Use the Configurators to narrow your search and locate the products you are looking for.  The Configurators take you through the selection process in  a logical manner, one step at a time.  If you are interested, the Configurators can show you only the accessories you want to see and only the accessories that are appropriate for your configuration.  Our desire is to move you through the selection process as easily and efficiently as possible.

Use the Help Me Decide Pages, denoted by the Question Mark, for guidance throughout the Configurator.  These pages offer detailed information when, and where, you might need it.  Should you need still more assistance, on a personal level, you can call Technical Services (800) 834-4969.

After you complete your configuration, the following output is available:
•Bill of Materials with CPI Suggested List Pricing
•Parts List (Bill of Materials less pricing)
•Rendered 3-D Image
•Product Line Drawing in both pdf and dxf formats
•Cut Sheet for the configured product

You will also have the ability to e-mail your configuration to an associate or a distributor.  If you prefer, you can simply add your configuration to a cart and continue shopping in our eCatalog for more products.

 Wall-Mount Systems 



 Four Post Family 



 Two-Post Systems 


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