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Power Strips



Vertical Power Management (Included) 

  • Separate power distribution to each compartment protects each co-locator's equipment from power surges or outages caused by adjacent co-locators.
  • All E-Series Cabinets include a power strip in each compartment. The power strips have eight outlets, a circuit breaker and are rated at 15 amperes.

E-Series Vertical Power Strip 

Horizontal Power Strips (optional)
Use 19" Rack-Mount Power Strips on CPI Rack and Cabinet Systems to distribute single-phase power to multiple pieces of equipment from a single power connection. 

  • NEMA or IEC style outlets and plugs. 
  • 19" wide rack-mount brackets included. 
  • Uses only one rack-mount space RMU. 
  • Optional circuit breaker protects circuit from overload. 
  • Optional surge-protection protects equipment from power spikes. 
  • Optional current meter measures current load on the power strip.

Horizontal Power Strip