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Electronic Locks - Rear Door



 Swing handle Latch 
Swing Handle Latch 

Upgrade door locks on the Enhanced SteelFrame Cabinet and the TeraFrame Cabinet System with an electronic lock that connects to the Lock Control Module.  Cabinet access and security can be monitored from a central location with a data log of access attempts. 

• Swing handle with single-point cam latch and electronic solenoid module with an attached 9’ (2.7 m) L cord and special connector for the Lock Control Module.
• If your existing latches are single point slam latches, they  can be modified to retain the "slam" feature.  Installation instructions are included. 
• Use 14’ (4.3 m) L Lock Extension Cables to extend between Lock Control Modules and the Lock Upgrade Kits in multiple cabinet line ups.
• Contact CPI Technical Support to order Lock Upgrade Kits pre-installed on Enhanced SteelFrame or TeraFrame Cabinets.