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The Horizontal Furcation Bracket attaches to the Universal Accessory Rail in the N-Series TeraFrame™ Network Cabinet or to the side of a TeraFrame Equipment Mounting Rail in the F-Series TeraFrame Cabinet. The Horizontal Furcation Bracket can be used to secure trunk cables in the vertical orientation as the cables enter the cabinet or as a horizontal (front-to-rear) support for the furcation legs of the trunk cable. 

  • Provides attachment points for the trunk cable furcation plugs and tie points for securing the trunk cable to the bracket
  • Attaches at any location top-to-bottom along the side of the cabinet. Multiple brackets can be used in each cabinet
  • Is C-shaped, 4.3” wide x .5” deep (108 mm x 12 mm) with 1.5”D (38 mm) mounting flange, made from steel and includes installation hardware

Horizontal Furcaton Bracket

3/18/2019 6:49:28 AM