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The Swivel Cable Spool attaches to the Universal Accessory Rail in a N-Series TeraFrame™ Network Cabinet and helps manage optical fiber harness assemblies as the assemblies transition from connector matings on the Universal Accessory Rail to connections in rack-mount equipment. The spools are recommended next to modular SAN switches, like the Cisco 9500 series and Brocade 48000 Directors, to manage cable slack where large numbers of harness assemblies are installed in a small number of RMU spaces.

  • Is 1 RMU high and attaches to the Universal Accessory Rail in the 0
    RMU space between the cabinet frame and the cabinet side panel
  • Includes an L-shaped mounting bracket and an L-shaped spool; the
    spool rotates 360° with stops at 90° increments
  •  Is 4” wide x 1.7” high x 5.5” deep (102 mm x 44 mm x 140 mm) overall and includes installation hardware; the plastic L-shaped spool is 4” wide x 3” deep (102 mm x 80 mm) with a 1” diameter (30 mm); the steel L-shaped standoff mounting bracket is 2.7” wide x 1.7” high x 2” deep (70 mm x 44 mm x 50 mm)
  • Sold individually or in kits of six

Swivel Cable Spool

3/26/2019 11:20:41 AM