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Network Switch Exhaust Duct 

The Network Switch Exhaust Duct, designed to support Cisco 6500 and 9500 series switches and Juniper EX8208 and EX8216 Switches, isolates and re-directs hot exhaust air out the rear of the cabinet to help prevent the re-circulation of hot air through equipment and establishes best-practices for a hot aisle/cold aisle layout.  The duct is pre-installed into the cabinet and includes adjustable panels on the side facing equipment to provide a seal between the switches and the duct.  The duct is 2 RMU less than the full height of the cabinet.  Cabinets that include the Network Switch Exhaust Duct recieve one Cable Management Fingers Kit and cabinets that without the Network Switch Exhaust Duct will have two Cable Management Finger Kits. 

  Cabinet with Exhaust Duct   


N-Series Exhaust Duct 



Network Switch Exhaust Duct for Cisco Nexus 7018 

The Network Switch Exhaust Duct, designed to support the Cisco Nexus 7018 Switch, is integrated on the left side of the cabinet. It captures and guides hot exhaust air from the side of the switch to the rear door preventing the re-circulation of hot exhaust air through the switch. Plastic T-shaped Cable Management Fingers with openings that align with each rack-mount unit on the rack manage cables as they exit the I/O modules. 

Cabinet with Exhaust Duct 



Network Exhaust Duct for Cisco Nexus 7018 


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