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Vertical - Triple-Input (20 Amp)



Triple-Input Power Strips provide a simple solution for supplying redundant power to equipment stored in CPI Cabinet/Rack systems.

Triple-Input Power Strips attack to the side of cabinets or the rear of racks saving rack-mount spaces for equipment and can be used in combination with High-Voltage PDUs to reduce the total number of branch circuits required for each rack.

Triple-Input Power Strips use IEC-style power inlets and outlets and can be used with 125 VAC or 250 VAC 20 Amp single-phase circuits. Single-input, dual-input and multi-phase power strips are also available.

  • 125/250 VAC, 20 amp rating, UL Listed
  • IEC320 C-13 outlets, IEC320 C-20 power inlets
  • 24 Outlets, power cords not included


Triple-Input Vertical Power Strip