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Rack Seismic Gusset Kit



Gusset and hardware kit can be added to any CPI Universal Rack to stiffen critical load bearing joints, reducing the need to stabilize the top of the rack. Testing using the seismic gusset kit allows up to 300 pounds of equipment evenly distributed on a CPI Universal Rack to pass Zone 4 seismic requirements in accordance with Telecordia (formerly Bellcore) NEBs TR-EOP-000063. The test simulates earthquakes through Zone 4, the most severe seismic activity.

• Adds additional support to critical rack joints
• Kit can be added to any CPI Universal rack
• Gusset kit includes:
    4 each welded steel bolt-on gussets
    8 each 1/2-13 x 1-1/4" bolts
    8 each 1/2-13 nuts

NOTE: Seismic installation requirements should be approved by a licensed structural engineer.

Rack Seismic Gusset Kit