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anyServer Bracket 

The anyServer Bracket is a simple, yet sturdy solution to secure virtually any server to a 19"-wide, two-post open rack. It is the ideal, cost-effective system for retrofitting existing racks to accommodate one or more servers instead of reverting to a four-post rack or cabinet system. The anyServer Bracket can be adjusted to fit all of your server's requirements enabling you to keep the same mounting system- even if you change equipment in the future.

Purchase optional supplementary server support arms to firmly secure the tops of tall servers to the rackc. In some instances, they can also help you mount your server if its captive screw holes are in the middle or top of the device.

The anyServer Bracket comes with front and rear steel pans and four pair of steel adjustable arms (with mounting hardware).

  • Manufactured of cold rolled .075" steel
  • Adjustable mounting arms can be moved by up to 4 inches total in half-inch increments to adapt to your server's depth
  • Square holes at the front of adjustable mounting arms fit any server's cage nuts
  • Acorn nuts eliminate sharp edges
  • Supplimentary arms (purchased separately) provide extra support
  • Load rating:
    1 RMU bracket is 80 lb
    2 RMU bracket is 120 lb
  • Mounting hardware not included
anyServer Bracket 

Multi-Purpose Three Piece Shelf 

Convenient, flexible design makes this shelf truly the most versatile shelf on the market today. With sixteen different configurations, there's no need to stock three different shelves. Can be mounted on 19" rack or wall (single-sided version). Shelf packaged in 2" high box reducing inventory space and shipping charges. Sold individually. One per standard shipping carton. Mounting hardware not included.

  • Multi-Purpose slim-line packaging minimizes valuable inbentory space
  • Single-sided version is 12"D and 17-1/2"W
  • Capacity is doubled when two shelves are mounted back-to-back on double-sided racks
  • Made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum. Supports up to 50 lb each
Multi Purpose Three Piece Shelf