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Rack Shelves and Drawers



CPI manufactures a wide range of shelves and trays to support equipment such as servers,
monitors and keyboards. The products are available solid or vented, with various load
capacities, and in 19” or 23” widths. CPI also offers lockable drawers for storage with
added security.


anyServer Bracketcost-effective product accommodating virtually any server on a
two-post open system

Manufactured of cold-rolled .075” steel
Broader surface area to support server weight using split-pan design, with mounting in
front and behind rack channels
Adjustable mounting arms to adapt to your server’s depth
Square holes at the front of the arms to fit any server’s cage nut
1 RMU or 2 RMU to support 80 lb or 120 lb respectively 



anyServer Bracket

LCD Monitor+Shelf
maximum space-saving design with monitor included

15” flat-panel monitor included and mounted on sliding shelf
Mountable in less than 2 RMU , maximizing valuable rack or cabinet space
Unique sliding and rotating mechanism to:
Pull out and view monitor completely in front of mounted equipment (cabinet doors can still be closed for security)
Allow monitor to lay horizontally inside rack or cabinet when not in use
Compliant with a variety of safety and environmental standards including UL and Energy Star
Available for two- or four-post mounting 



LCD Monitor + Shelf

maximum functionality and space-saving design with keyboard included

Full-size keyboard for comfortable typing
IBM-compatible (PC, XT, AT and PS/2)
Mountable in less than 1 RMU , maximizing valuable rack or cabinet space   
Built-in touch pad, eliminating the need for a separate mouse and tray
Sliding tray that easily moves in and out of rack or cabinet
Available for two- or four-post mounting


 Keyboard + Tray 
Lockable Storage Drawer   
secure software, backup media, and extra computer hardware and cables

Compatible with any freestanding 19"-wide or 23"-wide Two-Post or Four-Post System
Available in three heights: 2 RMU , 3 RMU or 4 RMU
20" deep lockable drawer extendable full depth for easy access to stored equipment
Combined 100 lb load capacity for the top surface and drawer
Optional divider insert for tape and CD media available as an accessory for 3 RMU and 4 RMU sizes 
Two keys included


 Lockable Storage Drawer 
Additional Shelves  – a wide assortment available

Dozens of additional shelves available; for more details, visit CPI’s Online Mini-Catalog  
Single-sided or double-sided for depth and load capacity
Solid or vented for airflow needs
Fixed or sliding for access requirements
Variety of depths and heights for different types of equipment
Monitor- and keyboard-specific models with unique features to support these devices