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Velocity Vertical Cable Manager


CPI's Velocity Cable Management is an economical cable management solution for everyday use in telecommunications rooms, equipment rooms, and lab spaces and creates a complete vertical and horizontal pathway for premise cabling and patch cords on CPI Rack Systems.

  • Tool-less snap together assembly is simple and quick
  • Compact packaging is easy to ship, requires less storage space, reduces waste and makes cartons easier to handle
  • Larger cross-section provides more space for cables
  • Openings on the side of manager align with each rack-mount unit
  • T-shaped cable guides organize cables by rack-mount unit
  • Rounded edges on cable guides and openings protect cables as they enter and exit the manager
  • Openings in the back of the manager allow easy front-to-rear cabling
  • Snap-on covers secure and protect cables 


11/18/2018 12:55:21 PM