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Direct hot sever exhaust air in the rear of the enclosure to flow upward from the base to the top of the cabinet.   

The Airflow Director is 10" (254 mm) high and 8" (203 mm) deep and attaches to the cabinet frame. It requires a 7.5" (190 mm) rear rail setback in the 600 mm wide cabinet and a 8.7" (220 mm) rear rail setback in the 700 mm wide cabinet. The Airflow Director is not available for the 800 mm wide cabinet. 

An Airflow Director is included with the Vertical Exhaust Duct System. Use the Vertical Exhaust Duct System on cabinets configured with a perforated front door, solid side panels, and a solid rear door. 


34570 Airflow Director 
11/18/2018 9:01:15 PM