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A passive duct (no fans) that moves additional cold air, up to 510 CFM at .1” of water (865 CMH at .02 kPa), from below the access floor to the top half of the cabinet to reduce hot spots in medium and high density applications. Adjustable doors direct air into the front of equipment. The duct also blocks airflow around equipment so a separate Air Dam Kit is not required. Includes square-punched rails for the front of the cabinet that reduce front-to-rear rail-to-rail depth by 2.5" (64 mm). Uses the bottom 2 RMU in the cabinet. Use on access floors only in cabinets without casters. 

Cabinet requirements to accomodate the Internal Air duct:
Height  Minimum = 42U
Width   600mm and 700mm cabinets only
Depth   Minimum = 1000mm (when sides are installed) No minimum without sides.


Estimated Airflow at .1" of water (.02kPa)

 600 mm

 210 CFM (356 CMH)

 700 mm

 510 CFM (865 CMH)




Internal Air Duct

11/18/2018 1:20:16 PM