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35081 F-Series TeraFrame Seal Kit 

Image above shows Seal Kit installed with one side panel. 

The Seal Kit includes EDPM rubber tubing with edge trim that attaches to Gen 2 F-Series TeraFrame Cabinet frames to seal the gap between bayed cabinets when one or two side panels are omitted. The Side Seal Kits are an important part of the CPI Passive Cooling Solutions that help prevent hot exhaust air from escaping through the spaces between bayed cabinets. Unsealed spaces between cabinets may allow hot exhaust air to return to the cold aisle, re-circulate through equipment or bypass the Vertical Exhaust Duct causing hot spots or reducing the overall cooling effectiveness of the data center.    
  • Four kits are available to match customer baying preferences
  • Each kit includes EDPM rubber tubing sized to seal the space between two bayed cabinets to prevent recirculation and bypass airflow and maximize cooling effectiveness
  • Provides a more economical solution for a row of bayed cabinets by eliminating the need for one or two side panels between cabinets while maintaining thermal performance; side panel requirement is minimized to the ends of row or one per bayed connection for security
  • EDPM rubber tubing has a 3/4" (19 mm) or 3/8" (9.5 mm) bulb seal and flexible plastic edge trim with internal metal clips to grip the edge of the frame
  • Select the kit that matches the baying configuration (baying hardware kit and number of side panels installed between cabinets)
  • The Seal Kit does not include the cabinet baying hardware; order baying hardware kit separately
  • Color is Black


11/20/2018 9:50:33 AM