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Accessories include shelves, trays and drawers, cable management, power management,
grounding and bonding, thermal management, and installation and mounting hardware.


Shelves, Trays, or Drawers 

CPI manufactures a wide range of shelves and trays to support equipment, such as monitors and keyboards. The products are available solid or vented, with various load capacities, and in 19 or 23 widths. 




           Extra Heavy Duty Shelf 

Power Management

CPI Power Management Solutions combine UPS, PDU, and Power Strips to provide computer, network and communications equipment with clean, continuous and redundant power. 
Installation & Mounting Hardware
CPI offers baying kits, casters, and additional mounting hardware to accomodate your unique application.  


     35069 Baying Kit 

Grounding and BondingCPI offers a comprehensive line of UL Listed grounding and bonding products, which help prevent transient voltage from damaging sensitive electronic equipment.         Busbar 

Cable Management

Organizing cables is critical to maintaining equipment because organized cable can be easily traced during a move, add or change and do not block airflow through equipment. TeraFrame has specialized network and power cable managers that keep power and network cables separated. The Vertical Cable Manager features patented T-shaped cable guides and openings that align with each rack-mount space (RMU) on the cabinet. A wide selection of horizontal managers allow you to create an attractive and functional horizontal pathway within the enclosure. 

 Vertical Cable Manager 

 Universal Horizontal Cable Manager 



Thermal Management

Thermal Management is one of the greatest challenges in the data center today. TeraFrame helps you use the cold air you have more effectively directing it through equipment where it is needed most. Combine perforated front and rear doors and solid side panels with an Air Dam Kit or Internal Air Duct and Snap-In Filler Panels for maximum effect in a hot aisle/cold aisle layout. Go beyond hot aisle/cold with a solid rear door, Internal Air Duct and Vertical Exhaust Duct System for high heat density loads. CPI thermal management solutions work in slab and raised floor environments. 

     34367 Vertical Exhaust Duct 

Internal Air Duct 



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