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Accessories include Shelves, Trays and Drawers, Cable Management, Power Management,
Grounding and Bonding, and Thermal Management.


Caster Kit
Use the Caster Kit to move and position the cabinet before loading the cabinet with equipment. Set of four full-swivel casters and mounting brackets. The Caster Kit attaches to the outside corners of the
cabinet frame and can be removed after the cabinet is set in place.


Power Management

CPI Power Management Solutions combine UPS, PDU, and Power Strips to provide computer, network and communications equipment with clean, continuous and redundant power. 


Shelves, Trays, or Drawers
CPI manufactures a wide range of shelves and trays to support equipment, such as monitors and keyboards. The products are available solid or vented, with various load capacities, and in 19 or 23 widths. 

Extra Heavy Duty Shelf 

Grounding and Bonding
CPI offers a comprehensive line of UL® Listed grounding and bonding products, which help prevent transient voltage from damaging sensitive electronic equipment. 


Cable Management

The N-Series TeraFrame has specialized network and power cable managers that keep power and network cables separated. The  Cable Management 
Fingers feature patented T-shaped cable guides and openings that align with each rack-mount space (RMU) on the cabinet.  Cabinets with the Exhaust Duct have one set of the Cable Fingers while cabinets without the duct ship with two sets. The Vertical Power Manager creates a space for two or four power strips and has tie points for power cords.



Thermal Management

Select the Network Switch Exhaust Duct option when deploying network switches that require side-to-side airflow. The Network Switch Exhaust Duct, designed to support Cisco 6500 and 9500 series switches, isolates and re-directs hot exhaust air out the rear of the cabinet to help prevent the re-circulation of hot air through equipment and establishes best-practices for a hot aisle/cold aisle layout. 


N-Series Exhaust Duct 




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