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Communications Module


 Communications Module (required) 

The Communications Module provides a single network connection for up to 64 Lock Control Modules, 64 Keypad Modules and 64 Proximity Card Reader Modules.
• Two RJ-45 bus-connections for other modules; modules connect with RJ-45 patch cords in a serial bus configuration
• Includes two bus-terminator plugs used at the beginning and end of the bus-connections
• One 9-pin serial (DB9) RS-232 connection for initial set up and network configuration; includes a 6’ (1.8 m) L Null Modem Cable (P/N 60071-006)
• One RJ-45 Ethernet connection to the network
• Two alarm outputs that function as NO/NC contact outputs; connect to RIM-600 NO/NC input sensors to receive remote notification of unlokced and/or unauthorized entry alarm via email or voice call or to prompt a network camera to take and send snapshots of the area
• Status LEDs: module bus-connection status, module status, network connection status, and serial connection status
• Includes a rack-mount bracket and installation hardware to attach the Communications Module in the space between the equipment mounting rails and the side panel of the cabinet
• Includes Windows-compatible software that provides setup, monitoring, recording and remote access for the Electronic Locking System. Software must be installed on at least one computer connected to the same network as the Communications Module
• Includes a User Manual with step-by-step instructions for setup and configuration of the system
• Size: 5.32” (135 mm) W x 1.3” (32 mm) H x 11.8” (299 mm) D
• Finish: white metal housing

3/18/2019 11:21:30 PM