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Power Strips



Horizontal (Rackmount) Power Strips 

Use 19" Rack-Mount Power Strips on CPI
Rack and Cabinet Systems to distribute
single-phase power to multiple pieces of
equipment from a single power connection.

  • NEMA or IEC style outlets and plugs. 
  • 19" wide rack-mount brackets included. 
  • Uses only one rack-mount space RMU. 
  • Optional circuit breaker protects circuit from overload. 
  • Optional surge-protection protects equipment from power spikes. 
  • Optional current meter measures current load on the power strip. 

Horizontal Power Strip with Amp Meter 

Power Strip for Silver Frame 

Designed to mount directly to Silver Frame, leaving
rack mounting space available for use.

  • Eight 3-prong, 15A, 1225 Vac outlets
  • Circuit breaker and 10" cord
  • Includes installation hardware
  • UL Listed

Power Strip for Silver Frame


Cube-iT Power Strip 

  • Eight 3-Prong 15A, 125 Vac outlets 
  • Curcuit breaker and 10' cord 
  • Mounts inside the top, bottom or side of cabinet 
  • Includes bracket and inastallation hardware 
  • Power strip has 8 outlets and a circuit breaker 
  • UL listed 

Cube-iT Power Strip