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Enclosed Series


 Cube-iT Cabinet 


The patented CUBE-iT wall-mount cabinet delivers exceptional strength and rigidity in a swing-out wall-mount enclosure system. The rear panel and hinge design contribute to an impressive UL Certified 200 lb load rating. 

  • A locking front door and rear panel provide security 
  • Swing-out cabinet body enables easy access to the rear of installed equipment 
  • Left or right-handed installations are possible with the same cabinet 

 ThinLine II Wall Mount Cabinet 

ThinLine II 

The ThinLine II maximizes interior space using a distinctive equipment mounting rail system. Individual rails can be easily rotated for horizontal or vertical mounting and then bolted into place, making patch panel punch down easier. 

  • Removable top panel provides direct access
    to equipment without disturbing other devices 
  • 100 lbs load rating 
  • Louvers and fan accessories provide ventilation 

 Silver Frame Wall Mount Cabinet 

  Silver Frame 

The Silver Frame Wall-Mount provides an elegant and premium quality enclosure for protecting and securing your rack-mount equipment. Uses less space than conventional floor racks or enclosures. 

  • Unique dual locking hinge design 
  • Handles equipment up to 150 lb 
  • Adjustable Rack mounting surface 

 Wall Mount Rack with Enclosure 

 Wall Mount Rack Enclosure 

Enjoy the benefit of a Wall-Mount Rack solution with the added protection and security of an enclosure at an attractive price. Available in two sizes with aluminum or Plexiglas doors. 

  • Holds up to 200 lb to provide structural support for heavy equipment 
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum construction provides maximum strength and minimal weight