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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase CPI products?

Products are sold through a network of global distributors. CPI’s distributors have extensive knowledge and maintain inventories, so you will quickly get what you need. If the item is not available, CPI’s distributors will obtain it for you as soon as possible.

Additionally, products are available from resellers. CPI's Online Catalog allows you to create a shopping cart and purchase your items online from our distributor partners.

CPI is also authorized to sell directly to the state, local and federal government with GSA pricing.

Please see our Terms & Conditions document.

How can I contact a local CPI distributor?

Visit the Find a Distributor page to find a location near you. 

How can I contact a local CPI Sales Representative?

Visit the Find a Sales Representative page to quickly locate your nearest representative. 

Does CPI stock inventory?

CPI's distributors maintain local and regional warehouses throughout the country to make sure CPI products will be available to you at a moment’s notice. Being logistics experts, the distributors will work closely with you at the outset of your project to ensure that the right products are available precisely when you need them.


Can I have a CPI Sales Representative visit me to help develop a plan to meet my project requirements? 
Yes, CPI will arrange a site visit to discuss your needs and ensure that you get the right solution for your project. Call 800-834-4969 (U.S. and Canada) and ask a Customer Service Representative to put you in contact with your local Sales Representative. Or contact your representative directly.


Who can I call for questions about CPI products or to get information?

If the information you require isn’t included on this Website, please contact CPI’s Customer Service Department at 800-834-4969 (U.S. and Canada) from Monday to Friday, 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., Pacific Time or via e-mail. A representative will answer your questions, help you find what you need on CPI’s Website, direct you to a local distributor and provide you with product information sheets via fax or email. If your question is more specific in nature, you will be connected to a member of the Technical Support staff. Additionally, CPI's Product Configurator is also helpful in selecting products. The Product Configurator allows you to create custom products and systems. Once built, the Configurator will present a total list price, rendered drawings and offer a selection of distributors or global resellers.


What is the Documentation Center?

The Documentation Center is an online repository for product information such as Cut Sheets, Quick Reference Guides, Data Sheets, Installation Instructions, Brochures, FAQs and Product Images and Drawings.


Can I configure my own rack or cabinet?

CPI's Product Configurator will take you step by step through the selection process for building a customized Rack Systems, Cabinet & Enclosure Systems, Wall-Mounted Systems and Electronics, Moinitoring & Security Systems. Once built, the Configurator will present a total list price, rendered drawings and offer a selection of distributors or global resellers. If you need assistance or would like to discuss your project with Technical Services, call 800-834-4969 (U.S. and Canada).


Does CPI have any OSHPD-approved products for seismic areas?

Pre-Approval (OPA) numbers have been issued for several of our IT infrastructure products. CPI will continue to submit equipment anchorage load calculations (anchorage drawings) to OSHPD to obtain additional OPA number designations for CPI Products. A list of these products can be found here. Prior to receiving the OPA number designation, anchorage drawings can be useful if you are in the process of designing data centers in seismically active regions. If you would like to request anchorage drawings for our pre-approved products please contact us at 800-834-4969 (U.S. and Canada).


 What resources are available to help with my project?

CPI offers a variety of assets including product documentation, cable fill documents and much more. For more details visit our Support and Downloads section.


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