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Clik-Nut® Hardware Kit

Clik-Nut Hardware Kit - 76453P_SINGLE_RGB72.jpg76543P_INSTALLED_OUTLINE.jpgTool-less cage nut design simplifies installation, while maintaining load-bearing strength.

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Redefining the Cage Nut

Clik-Nut® Hardware Kit solves the fundamental issues with standard cage nuts. The patent-pending design eliminates the need for tools, resulting in easier and faster installation, while maintaining load-bearing strength. Clik-Nut reduces labor and installation time by at least 70%.

Standard cage nut hardware can be difficult and time-consuming to install and move. Placing cage nuts into square-punched holes requires simultaneous compression and push/pull force that exceeds human finger strength. Lack of well-designed tools often causes finger and nail injuries during installation.

Features include:

  • Tool-less attachment, removal and repositioning
  • Squeeze-and-release grip greatly reduces installation time
  • Multiple thread sets available: M6, 12-24, 10-32
  • Engraved thread size provides easy identification 
  • Compatible with .375” (9.5 mm) square-punched holes in rails with thickness of 16 ga to 12 ga, .060” to .105” (1.52 mm to 2.67 mm) 
  • Zinc plated and black zinc plated steel finish for corrosion protection
  • Includes Phillips pan head machine screws
  • Sold in packs of 25, 250 or 1000  
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See how CPI's Clik-Nut™ is redefining the standard cage nut. Its patent-pending design eliminates the need for tools and reduces installation time by at least 70%, while providing the same strength and reliability as standard cage nuts.

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3/26/2019 10:00:44 AM