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Multi-Use Cabinet

TeraFrame Gen 3 CabinetMulti-Use Cabinets support a mix of computer, data storage, network and security equipment. Use inside or outside the data center in smaller computer rooms or in premise network applications.

Multi-Use Cabinets Feature:

  • Wide range of sizes to meet various applications
  • Adjustable depth, equipment mounting rails that support a wide range of equipment
  • Optional thermal management accessories to control airflow through the cabinet
  • Optional cable and power management accessories that create separate network and power pathways for cables
  • Easy access to cables and equipment with removable doors and side panels
  • Various door styles to match airflow requirements
  • Locking side panels and doors for equipment security
  • Up to 3000 lb (1360 kg) static load rating to support equipment

Sales Support

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Product Cut Sheet
Static Load Rating
Rack-Mount Width
Overall Width
Usable Height
Usable Depth
Cable Management
Mounting Rails (EIA-310 D Standard)
GF-Series GlobalFrame® Gen 2 Cabinet
GF-Series GlobalFrame Gen 2 Cabinet
The GF-Series GlobalFrame® Gen 2 Cabinet System is an industry-standard server and network equipment storage solution for data centers, computer rooms or network facilities.
Up to 3,000 lb (1360 kg)
19” EIA
600 mm (23.6"), 700 mm (27.6"), 800 mm (31.5")
73.9” (42U), 79.1” (45U), 84.4" (48U), 91.4" (52U)
29.3" (745 mm), 37.2" (945 mm), 41.1" (1045 mm), 45.1" (1145 mm)
Cable Management Accessories Available
F-Series TeraFrame® Gen 3 Cabinet System
F-Series TeraFrame Gen 3 Cabinets
F-Series TeraFrame is distinct, attractive and highly functional and the cabinet is available in a wide range of standard sizes and configurations to match your equipment and facility requirements. 
Up to 3,000 lb (1360 kg)
19" EIA
600 mm (23.6"), 700 mm (27.6"), 800 mm (31.5")
73.9” (42U) - 91.4 (52U)
29.3" (745 mm) - 45.1" (1145 mm)
Cable Management Accessories Available
M-Series MegaFrame® Cabinet
M-Series MegaFrame Cabinet
M-Series MegaFrame® Cabinet is a multi-purpose, lightweight aluminum cabinet available with 19"EIA or 23" wide equipment mounting rails and several styles of doors to match thermal and security requirements.
Up to 2,000 lb with or without casters (907.2 kg)
19” EIA and 23”
27.3” and 31.3”
22.75” (13U), 43.75” (25U), 66.5” (38U), 73.5” (42U) and 78.75” (45U)
14”, 24”, 30”, 36” and 39”
Vertical: Integrated (3” Capacity per side) Horizontal: Accessories Available
#12-24 Tapped, Square-Punched, HP, Sun and IBM
3/21/2019 5:19:51 PM