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Seismic Protection Systems

Z4-Series SeismicFrame Cabinet - Z4-11U-113C-C12P_RIGHT_RGB72.jpgSeismic Protection Systems provide additional bracing required in earthquake zones to reduce the risk of equipment damage from seismic events. CPI can help you protect your equipment during the seismic stress of an 8.3 Richter scale earthquake.

Seismic events continue to draw attention on a global scale, acting as a catalyst for ever-increasing building codes and certifications. Preparing for the next seismic event is especially important for data centers that cannot afford to be offline or are not backed up at a secondary location. To reduce risk and minimize equipment damage, seismic protection is necessary. 

Chatsworth Products offers a variety of products to help protect critical equipment from damage during a seismic event. The Z4-Series Seismic Frame® Cabinet improves on CPI’s original Seismic Frame Cabinet, which was introduced in 2001. The Z4-Series SeismicFrame Cabinet delivers a higher load rating, an increased range of cabinet sizes to support deeper equipment and more unobstructed interior space along the sides for thermal and cable management accessories.

Additionally,  a variety of bracing kits are available for both cabinets and racks.

Benefits include:

  • Reduces risk of equipment damage due to seismic events
  • Minimizes excessive motion that may cause undue strain on cable connections
  • Increases chance of continued operations after seismic event
  • Helps installations meet seismic codes

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Z4-Series SeismicFrame Cabinet BIM

Product Cut Sheet
Seismic Load Rating
Rack Mount Spaces
Nominal Depth
Overall Width
Z4-Series Seismic Frame® Cabinet System
Z4-Series SeismicFrame Cabinet - Z4-11U-113C-C12P_RIGHT_RGB72.jpg
Secure and protect critical computer server, data storage and network equipment in computer rooms, equipment rooms and other facilities that are located in seismically active areas. 
1500 lb (680 kg)
40U, 43U
41.3" (1050 mm), 47.2" (1200 mm)
23.6" (600 mm), 31.5" (800 mm)
GR-63-CORE Zone 4, UL Listed 2416, EIA-310-E
Seismic Frame
Seismic Frame Cabinet
The Seismic Frame® Cabinet is rated Zone 4 compliant and is designed to withstand the seismic stress of an 8.3 Richter scale earthquake.
800 lb (362.9 kg)
36" (910 mm)
27.32" (693.9 mm)
Aluminum, Steel
GR-63-CORE Zone 4, EIA-310-E
3/21/2019 4:58:52 PM