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Additional Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution UnitIn addition to eConnect Power Distribution Units, CPI offers additional PDUs that meet a variety of applications. 

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CPI’s rack-mount Power Distribution Units (PDUs) simplify power distribution into racks and cabinets in data centers and equipment rooms. Select models provide real-time power monitoring to help identify power problems allowing you to organize IT processes and equipment for the most efficient use of available power.

There are four progressive levels of PDUs with circuit breakers:

  • Basic:  feature electromagnetic circuit breakers which isolate power problems to a particular group of power outlets preventing disruption of power on other circuit segments.
  • Metered:  include an in-line digital ammeter that displays the amount of current being used by attached equipment so that you can track current use and estimate remaining power on each circuit segment.
  • Monitored: include an Ethernet port that allows network-based monitoring of current use, temperature and humidity using a web browser or CPI’s Scalable Enterprise Management Application (SEMA) software or another application via SNMP. An optional sensor (ordered separately) is required to measure temperature and humidity.
  • Controlled:  feature switchable outlets for remote power cycling and port monitoring which lets you measure current use at each outlet.

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