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Mission Critical Webinar: How to Increase Efficiency and Lower Cooling Costs in Your Data Center

Join CPI and Mission Critical to see how Anthem Health is undergoing a transformation in their data centers migrating from open air to contained data center spaces. Anthem Health’s new data center strategy includes both aisle- and cabinet-level containment. You will have the opportunity to see the benefits through a comparison of actual operational costs of the chiller plant and cooling associated with their legacy design vs. the new design that leverages VFD CRAH units.

  • Importance of data center containment in lowering operational cooling costs while increasing cooling efficiencies
  • Learn how best to approach retrofitting and transforming a legacy, open-air data  center into an easier to manage, contained data center space without spending more than you are already spending
  • The value of strong partnerships, and the importance they play in a successful outcome

Learning Objectives

  • Viewers will understand why all containment systems and strategies are not created equal.
  • Viewers will understand how to leverage containment in an effort to decrease data center operation costs and increase capacity.
  • Viewers will understand how Anthem Health is navigating it’s way toward contained data center spaces and be able to apply this idea to their own needs. 

Thursday, August 23, 2018
Webinar, 2 PM, EDT
3/23/2019 11:30:29 AM