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Critical Facilities Summit - CPI Presenting

When: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Where: Charlotte, North Carolina Convention Center


The Critical Facilities Summit is a new educational conference and product expo for facilities professionals, consulting engineers, and design/build firms responsible for the design, construction and on-going operation of data centers and other mission critical facilities including telecommunication firms, financial institutions, hospitals, research laboratories, e-commerce retailers, and others.

Join CPI's Ian Seaton & Steven Bornfield as they present: 

Orlando Health wanted to build a second data center that avoided the hot spot issues of their original data center, at a higher capacity and for a lower cost. When the space was reviewed initially, low height, structural beams and long air paths indicated that a close coupled cooling solution would be required. However, CFD modeling confirmed the effectiveness of a cabinet hot collar containment design, and demonstrated that a perimeter cooling solution with hot air containment could work, further reducing costs within the space. As a result, the new space uses less than 2/3 cooling capacity to cool 200 percent of the IT load of the original space; and nearly $500,000 in costs were avoided thanks to the re-use of older CRAC units and eliminating the need for a raised floor. In addition, cabinet supported fiber duct and low voltage basket tray saved $350 per cabinet installation cost.

1.Key Lesson 1: Value of CFD
2.Key Lesson 2: Value of airflow containment
3.Key Lesson 3: Overcoming sub-optimum space
4.Key Lesson 4: Aisle and equipment spacing guidelines

For more information about the session visit the website.

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