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Breakers are Better Than Fuses When it Comes to Maintaining Uptime

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eConnect PDU Generally speaking, most data center managers would agree that it is better to have the IT equipment in their care working properly all of the time. If the equipment isn’t receiving power, then, it can be assumed, there is a problem. 

Any steps that can be taken to ensure uninterrupted operability with minimal oversight is worth consideration. One decision that can be made in advance to ensure continuity of power is selecting power distribution units (PDUs) with breakers rather than fuses.

All intelligent PDUs that draw greater than 20A of current, typically have two or more branch circuits protected by an over-current protection fuse or breaker. It is highly recommended that a breaker is chosen over a fuse. A breaker can be easily reset when tripped, whereas a fuse must be replaced, and power remains out until the fuse is replaced. Replacement activity requires the entire PDU to be turned off, as well as the intervention of a licensed electrician, ultimately leading to a higher Mean Time to Repair MTTR.

Breaker Types

Breaker type is another important consideration. Breakers can be thermal, magnetic or a magnetic-hydraulic. Magnetic- hydraulic breakers are the least susceptible to thermal changes, and minimize nuisance tripping, making them the best choice for high-density deployments. To handle minor overload situations, opt for magnetic-hydraulic breakers with a 100-percent rating. Other important capabilities related to branch over-current protection include:

  • Slim profile breakers to ensure minimal interference with airflow
  • UL 489 listed breakers for safety and reliability
  • Ability to constantly monitor the status of the circuit breaker or fuse irrespective of the type of PDU selected

Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) eConnect® PDUs offers a wide range of features that address all aspects of power delivery including options with magnetic-hydraulic breakers for equipment protection and uninterrupted power.

Need Additional Help?

CPI’s technical staff can assist you in selecting the right power solution for your installation. For more complex projects, you can request to have one of our field engineers provide you an onsite assessment. Or, take advantage of our online resources such as the Power Selector or eConnect® Product webpage.

Ashish Moondra, Sr. Product Manager, Power, Electronics & Software

Posted by Ashish Moondra, Sr. Product Manager, Power, Electronics & Software at 03/29/2017 12:36:06 PM

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