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CPI Electronic Locks Provide Enhanced Security over Standard Locks

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The demand for cabinet level security has increased for data centers, telecom closets and facilities that house sensitive and confidential data, especially in the health care, government and financial service sectors. To protect your information, Chatsworth Products (CPI) provides Electronic Lock Kits (ELS) that offer enhanced security over standard mechanical and combination locks. Electronic Locking Kits, 1000 and 1500

ELS eliminate the need for keys and provide greater security for cabinets. Access codes can be changed quickly without replacing or rekeying the lock. Each lock can be programmed with multiple access codes and supports three levels of administrative rights, which allows access only rights to different staff members. 

ELS are available in two models:

System 1000: basic lock that supports three access codes
System 1500: enhanced solution that supports 22 access codes and has an optional dual-code mode, which requires two codes to be entered to open the lock

Both models are battery powered and include a low-battery warning LED and external battery override in case the battery fails. CPI's F-Series TeraFrame® Gen 3, GF-Series GlobalFrame® Gen 2 and ThinLine II Wall-Mount Cabinets can be factory-installed with ELS, making compliance to the new industry regulations easier, while giving you the peace of mind that your investment is being secured, and customers' data is safe.

Electronic Lock Kits are made with the quality you know and trust from CPI. For more information, visit the product webpage. To configure a custom TeraFrame or GlobalFrame Cabinet with ELS installed, use CPI's online Product Configurator.

Shannon Erdley, Public Relations Specialist

Posted by Shannon Erdley, Public Relations Specialist at 10/29/2015 08:39:49 AM

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