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CPI Lengthens Standard Warranty, Offers New Optional Extended Warranty

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Warranty - CPI_EXTENDED_WARRANTY_ICON_RGB72.jpgChatsworth Products (CPI) is committed to being a company of the highest quality in every aspect of its business. Our Standard Limited Warranty for CPI-Branded hardware products was recently extended from 18 months of coverage to three years. Additionally, CPI now offers an Extended Limited Warranty plan.

CPI Extended Limited Warranty is now available for purchase on CPI-Branded Electronic and Non-Electronic hardware products, and covers two additional years beyond the expiration of the Original Warranty Period. This prolongs coverage to five years after purchase.

The Extended Limited Warranty can be purchased concurrently with or separately from the initial purchase of the product until the expiration of the original warranty period for that product. 

Contact your local CPI sales representative for cost, terms and conditions of CPI’s Extended Limited Warranty. For complete details about CPI's Standard and Extended Warranties click here.

Shannon Ryan, Digital Marketing Administrator

Posted by Shannon Ryan, Digital Marketing Administrator at 02/14/2017 07:11:20 AM

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