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CPI Signs Packaging Agreement with Martin Enterprises

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Martin Enterprises LogoChatsworth Products (CPI) recently signed a new packaging contract with Martin Enterprises, a non-profit community rehabilitation program in Williamston, N.C.

Martin Enterprises was established in 1972 as an adult day care center for people with disabilities. The program's goal is to assist individuals in becoming more independent by providing opportunities, training and support. The agency also offers job training, job placement and work activities for its clients.

CPI’s New Bern, N.C. manufacturing location selected Martin Enterprises to outsource packaging assembly parts for its data center products. With one of CPI’s Core Values being forthright, ethical and socially responsible, they wanted to support the mission of Martin Enterprises, which revolves around giving people with disabilities opportunities to have fulfilling lives. This contract will help them work towards that goal.

Click here to learn more about Martin Enterprises.

Shannon Erdley, Public Relations Specialist

Posted by Shannon Erdley, Public Relations Specialist at 06/10/2015 01:28:09 PM


After reading about this new agreement, I feel this World is becoming better
Posted by: Santiago Rex at 6/13/2015 2:42 AM

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