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California Senator Visits Chatsworth Products’ Facility for First Hand Look at Energy Saving Solutions

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Chatsworth Products (CPI) recently had the honor of hosting California State Senator Fran Pavley, who has been an active proponent of environmental and energy-efficiency policies at the state and federal levels. 

Senator Pavley toured the company’s manufacturing plant and showroom in Chatsworth, Calif., and participated in an overview presentation of CPI’s Passive Cooling® Technology, which is one of the most cost-effective and cooling-efficient thermal management strategies on the market to date. 

CPI Passive Cooling Technology has revolutionized the idea of “free cooling” within the data center. The energy-saving benefits are so substantial, California has recently revised its Building Energy Efficiency Standards, commonly known as Title 24, to require the use of airflow containment in data centers and computer rooms across the state. 

Senator Pavley represents the 27th State Senate District including portions of Los Angeles and Ventura counties. She authored the first legislation in the world that regulates greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles, the California Clean Cars Regulation (AB 1493). In 2010, President Barack Obama implemented national clean car standards, modeled on AB 1493, also known as the "Pavley law." She is also the author of AB 32 (2006), which set a limit on statewide greenhouse gas emissions to spur clean technology innovation and reduce air pollution.


Senator Pavley (second from left) receives an explanation of CPI Passive Cooling Solutions from CPI Regional Sales Manager, Cindy Whitehead (far right), during the tour. Also pictured (left to right) are CPI employees Jose Blanco, Chatsworth Plant Manager; Joe Weber, Vice President of Internationals Sales; Nancy Latu, Global Human Resources Manager and Henry Stern, Principal Consultant, Energy & Environmental Policy for Senator Pavley.


Jose Blanco, CPI Plant Manager, describes the world-class manufacturing process to Senator Pavley.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 08/07/2014 06:33:49 AM

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