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Global Standard Pack Provides Vertical Managers and Rack in One Box, Saving Time and Money

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Chatsworth Products' (CPI) Global Standard Pack can save customers up to 28 percent in costs by allowing them to purchase both structural support and cable management in one package.

Each pack includes a Standard Rack, single-sided Global Vertical Cabling Section (GVCS), Rack Installation Kit for Concrete Floors and hardware. Additional benefits include:

Complies with Industry Standards
The UL Listed Standard Rack complies with industry safety standards and bid specifications. In addition, composite cable management fingers on the GVCS are UL 94V-0 fire-rated. The fingers also have smooth, rounded edges to help meet EIA/TIA bend radius and prevent cables from tearing and stretching.

Less Time, Less Errors
Numbered rack-mount unit (U) spaces simplify equipment installation, so contractors and installers can specify mounting locations without measuring or counting holes. Additionally, integrated masked grounding studs provides quick attachment to the grounding system.

Perfect Alignment
Patented cable guide fingers spaced at 1U intervals create seamless cable transitions from the rack-mount space.

Hidden and Secured Cables
57002P_IN_A_BOX_CMYK300.jpgA sturdy snap-on, hinged cover is included for each cabling section, resulting in a closed, finished appearance.

Easy Customization
Customers can select packages with 3.65”W (92.7mm) or 6”W (150 mm) cabling sections. Two cabling sections can be used either on both sides of the rack or installed back-to-back for a double-sided system. Cabling sections have seven 2.5”-diameter pass-through ports. More vertical and horizontal cabling sections can be easily added.

Select the Global Standard Pack for small to medium size facilities in Telecommunications Rooms and Equipment Rooms to support the Main Cross-Connect, Intermediate Cross-Connect or Horizontal Cross-Connect and voice and network switching equipment.

Download the product data sheet for more details or visit our CPI Online Catalog.

Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager

Posted by Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager at 09/01/2015 01:10:26 PM

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