CPI Reponds to the Industrial IoT: 63% of US Manufacturers Anticipate Having Fully-Connected Factories by 2022 | Chatsworth Products
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Industrial IoT Trend: 63% of US Manufacturers Anticipate Having Fully-Connected Factories by 2022

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Industrial EnvironmentsTechnologies that connect assets, inventory and equipment are essential pieces of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) puzzle. Manufacturers are beginning to see the many benefits of having fully-connected operations that include the supply chain. The factory of the future needs end-to-end supply chain visibility on the plant floor to improve productivity and increase quality, which is precisely what IIoT delivers. 

The number of companies supporting a fully-connected factory is expected to double by 2022 according to a survey report by Zebra Technologies, a provider of connected business solutions. The goal of achieving end-to-end visibility in manufacturing isn’t easy to attain. But, fortunately, new advancements in technology are simplifying the process. 

The report goes on to explain how manufacturers are adopting the smart factory, in which workers use a combination of RFID, wearables, automated systems and other emerging technologies to monitor the physical processes of the plant and enable companies to make decentralized decisions. In the factory and across the supply chain, firms are also capitalizing on the IIoT to achieve real-time visibility into their goods, assets, processes and places.

Manufacturers are already realizing the very real benefits of data connectivity: increased visibility into the entire manufacturing process; an accelerated pace in shipping and receiving; faster identification of points-of-failure; and deeper insights into the interworkings of their operations. 

RMR Industrial Enclosures

RMR Industrial Enclosures

Recognizing the need to protect technology assets located in harsh environments such as manufacturing floors, warehouses and distribution centers, Chatsworth Products (CPI) offers industrial enclosures that are specially designed and rated for dusty and wet environments, including outdoor areas. 

Take a look at RMR Industrial Enclosures and see how they can help you become fully connected by 2022.

Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager

Posted by Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager at 08/29/2017 12:01:17 PM

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