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Did You Know? RMR® Industrial Enclosures Have Proven NEMA Type 12, IP 55 Rating

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RMR Industrial EnclosuresChatsworth Products’ (CPI) RMR® Industrial Enclosures were tested by a third-party regulatory compliance body, verifying that they provide full protection against ingress of dust, falling dirt, fibers and noncorrosive liquids.

RMR Industrial Enclosures have been tested by UL, an industry-leading independent test laboratory. After extensive testing, RMR enclosures received approval to carry the UL Type 12 listing and UL Type 12 listing for Canada. RMR Enclosures also carry UL IP 55 classification to comply with ANSI/IEC 60529, the international standard for degrees of protection for enclosures. 

Because both NEMA and IP standards are voluntary, meaning that any manufacturer can claim to have NEMA- or IP-rated products, it is important to check the legitimacy of the protection rating a product has.

What are NEMA 12 and IP 55 Ratings?

NEMA Type 12 Rating
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published “NEMA 250-2014 Enclosures for Electrical Equipment” to cover the requirements to provide protection to enclosed equipment against specific environmental conditions. Different types of enclosures cover conditions such as indoor, outdoor, hazardous, nonhazardous, low/high temperatures, etc.

When completely and properly installed, NEMA Type 12 enclosures provide the equipment inside the enclosure with a degree of protection against ingress of solid foreign objects—falling dirt and circulating dust, lint, fibers, as well as dripping and lightly splashing water. NEMA Type 12 enclosures are for use in indoor, nonhazardous locations.

IP 55 Rating
The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) developed the IEC 60529 to classify the degrees of protection provided by an enclosure. 

IP 55 indicates that the enclosure is protected against the ingress of dust (lint, dirt, powder, etc.) and water jets. 

When you need to specify your next industrial enclosure with NEMA Type 12 or IP 55 ratings, count CPI’s RMR enclosures to deliver a complete and verified seal against dust and liquid penetration. 

Find out more about RMR Industrial Enclosures or use CPI's Product Designer to configure an industrial enclosure for your application.

Raissa Carey, Technical Writer

Posted by Raissa Carey, Technical Writer at 12/09/2016 10:11:42 AM

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