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SeismicFrame® Two-Post Rack Provides Complete Solution, Easy Setup

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Seismic Frame Two-Post RackMany IT professionals who manage network equipment in seismic regions rely on Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) seismic-rated racks and cabinets to store and protect their equipment. They know that CPI’s products have passed the most stringent seismic tests with industry-leading seismic load ratings.

To best support and manage equipment, CPI’s SeismicFrame® Two-Post Rack is designed with a variety of features and accessories that provide a complete solution that allows for easy installation and management of equipment and cabling.

The rack itself supports up to 1,000 lb (453.6 kg) of either 19” or 23” wide equipment with two pairs of mounting rails that can be spaced 6” (150 mm) or 3” (80 mm) apart. The rails are available with either threaded or square-punched holes and are also marked and numbered for speedy installation.

Accessories for Complete Solution

The Vertical Cable Section accessory is designed specifically to manage cabling for the Seismic Frame Rack. The manager provides a double-sided, front and rear cable pathway with large cable pass-through ports located on the back of each manager that align with the ports in the side of the frame. Spin-open plastic latches secure cables inside the managers. Each manager includes one Single-Sided Cable Management Fingers Kit to organize cables by rack unit.

The Top-Mount Cable Waterfall Tray, which attaches to the top of the Seismic Frame Rack, guides patch cords and jumper cables side-to-side or rack-to-rack. The tray is 6”W x 5.2”D (152 mm x 132 mm) with adjustable radius bends that align with the tops of side-mounted vertical cable managers.

To further reduce installation time, the rack ships fully assembled and includes a Two Mounting Hole Ground Terminal Block for bonding to the Telecommunications Grounding Busbar.

A Floor Drilling Template is also available to help you quickly and easily locate and drill holes for Seismic Frame Two-Post Rack floor anchors.

Find out more by visiting the product page or watching this video overview. 

Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager

Posted by Kim Ream, Marketing Project Manager at 01/16/2017 12:07:36 PM

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