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Updates to CPI Mobile Apps and Online Tools Maximize Your Efficiency

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Mobile App Suite Updates Resources that streamline daily tasks are always helpful, especially when they are available on the go. Chatsworth Products (CPI) has released updates to many of its mobile apps and online tools in order to help maximize your efficiency. Below, you’ll find an overview of recent updates. 

CPI Mobile App Suite and Mini Catalog App 

CPI Mobile App Suite is a suite of six design tools developed by CPI to help IT and telecommunications professionals determine cable fill, select server cabinets, identify the best power distribution unit (PDU), and create bills of material (BOM) for cable pathway, while on the go. The Mini Catalog App allows you to access CPI product information on the go, or share it with your customers.

 Mobile App Suite Updates:

  • New version released June 29
    • Now available on iTunes (v3.0) and Google Play (v2.8)
    • New Metered eConnect® PDU products are now included
    • Distributor changes and additions
    • Cable Fill Tables have been updated 

Mini Catalog App Updates:

  • New version released July 4
    • iPad compatible (v1.4)
    • Tool-less Bend Radius Kit for Fiber Patch Cord is now included
    • RMR® Floor-Mount Enclosures now included
    • RMR Free-Standing Enclosures now included
    • RMR Standard Wall-Mount Enclosures now included
    • New eConnect Metered Products are now included  

CPI Online Catalog 

The CPI Online Catalog allows customers to search, filter and compare products by attribute, category or part number. Additionally, product documentation, installation instructions and free tools are available to save users valuable time.


  • New Metered eConnect® PDU products are now included
  • New education application page available
  • Listing of distributors has been updated with location changes and additions 

 eConnect PDU Selector:

The eConnect PDU Selector allows you to select the best PDU for your application by narrowing down options based on your requirements. You can compare up to four PDUs at once, and then email or print the results.


  • New version released June 16
  • New Metered eConnect® PDU products are now included  
  • Filters have been reorganized:  
    • Input Plug
    • Form Factor
    • Outlet Type
    • PDU Functionality
    • Total Number of Outlets
    • Removal of Input Power Range
    • Removal of Remote Outlet Control
    • Removal or Outlet Monitoring
  • PDFs will now open in a separate tab   

We’re continuously updating these tools in order to make evaluation and purchase of products and solutions easier for you. If you want to learn more, take a look at our comprehensive list of design tools.

Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist at 07/13/2017 02:42:33 PM

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