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Chatsworth Products’ Accredited Tier Designer Shares His View on Data Center Availability

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Data_CenterChatsworth Products’ (CPI) Technical Manager for Latin America, Victor Bañuelos, is one of the 366 professionals around the world who’s an Accredited Tier Designer by Uptime Institute (UI).

Bañuelos has been a thought leader in the region, delivering keynote presentations at well-known industry events. He recently shared some thoughts on what the Tier classification means for data centers in an insightful interview:

What does it mean to be an Uptime Institute (UI) Certified Professional?

Bañuelos: It means the Certified Professional understands and applies the UI’s TIER Standard to help companies and individuals that design, build and operate data centers to achieve high levels of availability that will be translated into very short or null downtime, as well as huge money savings.

How can CPI customers and end users take advantage of this?

Bañuelos: CPI's field applications engineers and tech support team add value to the products we manufacture, by giving customers the best industry recommendations and practices in order to optimize their operations. 

What are the top solutions that CPI offers that can help end users achieve availability? 

Bañuelos: Passive Cooling® Solutions from CPI are cutting-edge solutions that achieve continuous cooling at any TIER level by optimizing airflow and avoiding any hot spots in the computer room. Although the products are not part of the components to be evaluated during the certification process, they will help the customer increase the uptime to the highest levels. The complete portfolio of power strips and power distribution units (PDUs), including the innovating and leading technology of CPI eConnect® PDUs, add to this achievement.

What is the most misunderstood topic/question you get asked regarding data center availability?

Bañuelos: Most people are wrapped in confusion about what redundancy really means. Understanding the basic concept of the standard is quite easy. The challenge is agreeing on how to incorporate redundancy into the overall project, from design to implementation.

For more information on how CPI can help in your data center energy efficiency and availability, go here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist 

Posted by Kim Ream at 09/15/2014 12:34:11 PM

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