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Chatsworth Products’ Experts Discuss the State of Data Centers in China

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The data center industry in China, the home of almost 1.4 billion people—many of whom are connected to the Internet—is making fundamental design changes in order to cut energy consumption, according to a recent discussion led by Chatsworth Products (CPI), at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

CPI Asia-Pacific Technical Manager, Michael Zhang, presented “The Road to a High Density & Green Data Center,” which overviewed best practices in implementing high-density, energy-efficient data centers that are ready for the future.

The topic is particularly relevant in the current scenario, where China takes concrete actions in order to cut the country’s electricity consumption.

More recently, Beijing announced a severe measure banning data centers that operate with a power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating above 1.5, according to a report by the Yale Schools of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Environment360. The law is drastic because most data centers in China operate with a PUE of 2.2, according to Environment360.

“Money Talks:” Cloud Technology and Thermal Management in Data Centers

Further discussing on the topic, the International Channel Shanghai (ICS) also broadcasted an analysis in its “Money Talks” show, on how the cloud is driving the data center industry to embrace thermal management practices when designing a facility. 

Despite the challenges, the value of going green has both environmental and financial advantages. It will be up to industry leaders to make the decision about the future direction of the data center industry in China.

To watch the entire interview with “Money Talks” below.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 09/08/2016 09:29:29 AM

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