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CPI Helps European Healthcare Provider Enhance its Data Centre

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When a healthcare provider in Iceland recently needed help designing a new IT room, they chose Reykjavik-based Nordata, who specialises in both the build and renovation of data centres and computer rooms.

High on the list of priorities for this healthcare provider was a proven method of energy efficiency, while taking into consideration that the physical space of the room included a 70 cm dropdown ceiling with a 2.5 m space between the ceiling and the top of the slab.

Taking advantage of the building’s already included chiller system, which helps control heat, speed and pressure of fluid (water or water/glycol), Nordata understood that the new design required a state-of-the-art approach to more efficient cooling.

Nordata then set out to work with Chatsworth Products (CPI), who provided an infrastructure storage solution consisting of the GF-Series GlobalFrame® Cabinet System equipped with Vertical Exhaust Ducts to isolate and re-route exhaust air from the equipment and CPI Cable Runway (as you can see in the close-up photo below).

Image of CPI GlobalFrame Cabinet, Vertical Exhaust Duct and CPI Cable Runway in Icelandic Data CenterTo Nordata’s delight, the CPI solutions installed with this project helped boost efficiency by allowing for smaller CRAC units. This in turn allowed for a smaller physical footprint of the CRAC units to maximise the utilisation of limited space in the room.

Also, because the building had been equipped with an indoor chiller that utilizes cold water, the healthcare provider was then able to use the return water to heat other parts of the building in colder weather.

At the moment, this newly realized facility offers up to 60 kW n+1 power, with everything being driven through the UPS. In this configuration, the more power that is utilised, the better the performance in cooling provided by the enclosed CPI cabinet using the Vertical Exhaust Duct, and in turn, the more work the chiller performs, the more hot air that can then be used to heat the building, which means a huge cost savings all around.

Truly, an efficient model for the healthcare provider (CPI provides solutions for all types of healthcare needs) and an excellent display of how Chatsworth Products' expertise on energy efficiency in the data center helped Nordata execute the perfect solution. Magnus Lundberg, CPI Regional Sales Manager, Europe

Posted by Magnus Lundberg, CPI Regional Sales Manager, Europe at 07/31/2012 09:31:16 AM

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