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Ensure Your IT Infrastructure is Well Grounded

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Blog_GB_Campaign_ArtworkChatsworth Products (CPI) offers a comprehensive line of grounding and bonding products that protect your equipment and contribute in maximizing the system’s electrical performance.

Our line of UL® Listed grounding and bonding products is designed to provide protection and help prevent transient voltages from damaging sensitive electronic equipment. These products ensure optimal equipment performance, and help you meet job requirements and manufacturer’s standards. 

Grounding Busbars: Present in Every Computer Room

Because they are the central point for ground connections and conduct substantial current of electricity, grounding busbars are an essential element of telecommunication rooms. 

CPI’s Grounding Busbars are made with high-quality materials and include different sizes and hole patterns that accommodate industry standards, such as ANSI/TIA-607-B Telecommunications Bonding and Grounding (earthing) for Customer Premises. 

Use busbars in conjunction with CPI ground wires, jumpers and straps for a superior permanent ground path, which results in a more stable and thorough electrical connection. 

Save Installation Time with Integrated Grounding and Bonding

CPI has many unique product offerings, such as racks and cabinets with integrated grounding and bonding so that installers can save time, labor and even U space.

In a reality where density and virtualization increase, it’s crucial that racks and cabinets include features that will ease the installation process. A selection of racks and cabinets features integrated ground studs and easy paint assembly for bonding, so installers don’t need to worry about removing paint or dealing with fallen metal flakes. 

Key benefits of integrated grounding and bonding include:

  • Bonded assembly – paint cutting assembly hardware added to bond components saves you time 
  • Integrated ground studs inside rack channel– allow for quick and easy attachment of standard ground lugs on the racks or cabinets without using any unit space 
  • Ground Jumper Kit (ordered separately) – allows easy attachment to Telecommunications Grounding System 

Here is a list of the main grounding and bonding products needed in a telecommunications or computer room:

  • A busbar with sufficient connections for equipment and the telecommunications grounding system.   
  • Rack Ground Jumper Kit to bond each rack and cabinet to the busbar
    • Save time: Make it easy by using a CPI Rack/Cabinet with integrated bonding
  • Vertical Rack Busbar Kits to get direct ground contact for rack-mount equipment
  • Antioxidant Joint Compound to improve connectivity of aluminum joint connections

The overall success of the telecommunications system heavily relies on a proper bond to the electrical grounding system. Uneven electric current is a significant contributor to data disruption and damage to equipment. In minor events, data disruption occurs or devices are reset. In major ones, damage to equipment and system downtime can happen.

When planning your next telecommunications room, consider CPI’s grounding and bonding products to provide a comprehensive and safe solution. 

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 07/07/2016 07:02:15 AM

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