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Q&A: An Expert’s Insight into CPI’s eConnect® PDUs

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Andy HungriaMeet Anderson Hungria, Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) Senior Product Manager of Power, Electronics and Software. 

During the past few years, Hungria has been hard at work developing and improving CPI’s line of power management products, including the cutting-edge eConnect® power distribution units (PDUs)

Hungria will present “CPI eConnect PDUs: Advancements and Money-Saving Opportunities in Cabinet Power Distribution,” in this year’s AFCOM Data Center World Conference, April 28 – May 2 at the Mirage Resort, Las Vegas. 

During his product presentation, slated for Tuesday, April 29 from 3 – 4 p.m., Hungria will discuss how the new generation of eConnect PDUs can improve power monitoring, connectivity and operational efficiency in the data center. 

Here, he answers three questions on CPI’s eConnect PDUs:

Why did CPI develop the eConnect line of intelligent PDUs?

Hungria: We developed the eConnect line of PDUs to solve major problems in the data center—PDU design, connectivity and temperature rating—to name a few. One improvement we’ve made, for example, is that eConnect PDUs have a low-profile chassis to minimize cabinet obstruction, and improve airflow and workspace inside the cabinet. Also, the addition of flush-mounted breakers and a unique cord retention system eliminate any potential of accidental disconnections.

We also wanted to reduce the number of ports and network equipment required to monitor our PDUs, so we designed eConnect to be capable of daisy chaining up to 20 PDUs under one single IP address. Other features that we included in the eConnect line are: local display IP address setup, high-accuracy metering and quick deployment through tool-less buttons. 

What makes CPI’s eConnect the best choice in the industry? 

Hungria: CPI offers more than 200 configurations in five different functionalities, which pretty much covers every type of PDU that’s in the market today, including high-density PDUs. Our PDUs are rated to be operational in up to 149F (65C) ambient temperature, making it the market’s highest temperature rated PDU and ideal for any containment application. And as with any other CPI product, eConnect is known for its top quality and customizable design. 

Where do you think the future of power management in the data center is headed?

Hungria: Power management will become more integrated with DCIM and other software solutions, becoming the primary power- and temperature-monitoring point for data centers. PDU customization will continue to be a differentiator for most manufacturers. Data center applications are looking for more power availability, seamless cabinet integration, smaller footprints and even higher temperature rating. And CPI's eConnect PDUs meet all of these criteria.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist 

Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 04/08/2014 09:58:38 AM

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