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Upsite Technologies: Could A-4 Servers Affect the Future of Data Center Airflow Management?

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CPI Physical Security Solutions

As servers that support ASHRAE’s Thermal Guidelines for Data Center Processing Environments allowable classes A3 and A4 are deployed, CPI Passive Cooling® will continue to remain a critical component in overall system efficiency.

CPI Passive Cooling provides airflow management that isolates and removes hot exhaust air from the data center. Isolating and removing hot exhaust air from the data center is the catalyst for optimizing cooling. Keeping hot and cold air separated allows operators to reliably increasing room temperature which ultimately provides access to more free cooling hours. 

As Ian Seaton, CPI's Global Technology Consultant, recently explained in the Upsite Technologies blog, "How A-4 Servers Could Impact the Future of Data Center Airflow Management," deployment of A4 servers may eventually result in the elimination of the traditional mechanical plant in data centers, but airflow management, like CPI Passive Cooling, will continue to play a critical role in realizing efficiencies.

For more information on CPI's Passive Cooling Solutions, go here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 09/23/2014 01:15:47 PM

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