National Manufacturing Day: Chatsworth Products Welcomes High-School Students at RD&T Center | Chatsworth Products
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National Manufacturing Day: Chatsworth Products Welcomes High School Students at RD&T Center

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High Schools Visit CPI on Manufacturing DayChatsworth Products’ (CPI) had the pleasure of welcoming students from Georgetown and East View High Schools on National Manufacturing Day.

About 60 students visited CPI’s Research, Development & Training Center (RD&T) and manufacturing plant located in Georgetown, Texas, to get an inside look at how state-of-the art manufacturing is done.

“The interaction with manufacturing provides students with a glimpse of future employment possibilities and even entrepreneurship for some,” says Downie Grim, CPI Plant Manager.

It is in this 10,200 square-foot facility that a team of talented engineers, designers and product managers conceptualize and develop some of the most advanced solutions for the IT infrastructure market. 

The engineering designs are then taken to the manufacturing floor, where a crew of highly technical operators carefully cut, assemble, weld, paint and pack products, assuring that each component meets the highest industry quality standards and certifications. 

“The value we place on safety, quality and delivery will provide future growth for our company,” adds Grim. “As the decision makers of tomorrow, students can benefit from learning the role manufacturing has in the local and national arena,” he concludes.  

Headquartered in the United States, CPI operates from multiple sites worldwide, including offices in Mexico, Canada, China, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. CPI’s manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, Asia and Europe.

To view pictures of the visit, click here. For more information on CPI’s RD&T Center, go here.

Raissa Carey, Technical Writer

Posted by Raissa Carey, Technical Writer at 10/07/2016 02:06:48 PM

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