New Motive Vertical Cable Manager from Chatsworth Products Draws Attention at 2016 BICSI Fall Conference | Chatsworth Products
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CPI's New Motive Vertical Cable Manager Draws Attention at BICSI Fall Conference

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Motive Cable ManagerChatsworth Products (CPI) displayed the soon-to-be-released Motive Single-Sided and Double-Sided Vertical Cable Managers at the recent 2016 BICSI Fall Conference & Exhibition, prompting interest and excitement among the attendees. Motive’s unique, groundbreaking design offers a level of innovation and sophisticated engineering that is unprecedented in the industry.

Motive Cable Manager features a centralized track system, providing unlimited adjustability with versatile, direct-support for cable bundles using a host of new cable management accessories.

Advantages of Motive Cable Manager include:

Maximum Utilization of Space
Motive’s innovative track system and accessories allow for maximum use of interior space, providing more direct cable runs that are managed and supported precisely where needed.

Intuitive Tool-less Design
There is no need to search your toolbox. From the Accessory Rod, to the Half Spool to the Cable Bundle Swivel, all cable management accessories provide tool-less installation and adjustment. All adjustment points on Motive are highlighted in blue for easy identification.

Attention to Detail
Drawing from CPI’s extensive experience in cable management and its close relationship with contractors and end users, many design elements were included into Motive to enhance the user experience. For example, the front door features an integrated hook, providing a dedicated space for technicians to hang a test meter.

The front door also features a patent-pending innovative hinge and latch design. With its ability to open from the left or right, the door offers “slam” latch convenience that securely latches the door into place.

Motive Vertical Cable Manager will be available mid October, but in the meantime, visit our Facebook page to see some photos of the product from the BICSI Conference. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

Duke Robertson, Product Manager, Open Systems

Posted by Duke Robertson, Product Manager, Open Systems at 09/22/2016 12:09:23 PM

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