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CPI’s New Hot Aisle Containment Solution Addresses Cabinets of Various Heights, Depths

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Build to Spec Kit Hot Aisle Containment Chatsworth Products (CPI) just released the Build To Spec (BTS) Kit Hot Aisle Containment (HAC) Solution, a highly adaptable field-fabricated solution that’s truly a huge advancement in data center containment.

Ideal for custom and retrofit applications that have a mix of cabinets in varying heights, widths and depths, the BTS Kit features a ceiling- or cabinet- supported duct that is used over a contained hot aisle as part of a closed hot air return. Simply put, with this new hot aisle containment solution, anyone can deploy the containment regardless of the dimensions of the installed cabinet and equipment.

Another benefit of the BTS Kit is that it arrives on a pallet with only eight unique components for easy installation and customization on-site.Build to Spec Kit Hot Aisle Containment Pallet

“The BTS Kit allows you to be really flexible, whether you’re in a new or retrofit installation. The design allows you to custom-fit the containment to the cabinets in a data center environment and addresses a multitude of variables that are site-specific, while still maintaining a very effective seal to maximize performance,” Sam Rodriguez, CPI’s Product Manager of Cabinet and Thermal Solutions explains.

CPI works closely with customers to develop personalized solutions that include a complete bill of materials (BOM) and support drawings.  The durable construction and maintenance-free design of the BTS Kit provides many years of use. Visit CPI’s Hot Aisle Containment Solutions webpage to learn more about the BTS Kit HAC Solution.

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Posted by Kim Ream at 01/16/2014 12:39:45 PM

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