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Cabling Update: New TIA Standards on Physical Protection of Network and Data Security in the Works

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Vertical Cable ManagementIn an effort to help customers and contractors make a decision on the level of security that needs to be considered in the facility, a committee from the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) is working on the TIA-5017, a new standard designed to consolidate and integrate existing security measures included in the TIA TR-42 premise cabling standard.

Not all buildings are the same, nor do they have the same functions, so it’s important to address the physical protection of their unique network and data systems, according to TIA

TIA-5017 includes a risk assessment guideline to help users of the standard to evaluate their facility risk, and choose an appropriate level of security. As such, the new standard has detailed cabling infrastructure provisions for surveillance systems, and dedicated security cabling requirements that may be necessary to intensify generic cabling used for data, voice, and building automation systems.

TIA-5017 will also address:

  • Unauthorized connections or disconnections of cables or equipment in the network
  • Recommendations for distributed antenna system cabling infrastructure including cabling topology, architecture, design and installation practices, test procedures and components

To achieve all of these requirements successfully, proper cable management practices are a must. Chatsworth Products (CPI) offers a variety of vertical and horizontal cable management products and solutions to help you achieve the critical support, reliability and flexibility needed to successfully sustain and grow your network capabilities.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist 

Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 10/08/2014 09:50:06 AM

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