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Positive Comments on LinkedIn Reveal Another Satisfied Customer

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Telecity Case StudyOne of the core missions of Chatsworth Products (CPI) is to delight our customers. From the superior quality of our products, to the unique customization capabilities and cutting-edge product innovation, we go all out to make sure our customers will always remember CPI’s excellence in products and services.

Recent positive comments from one of our followers at CPI’s page on LinkedIn underline this commitment to delight each and every customer. 

Don West is a systems administrator and has vast experience with data center free cooling, and here’s what he had to say about CPI...

CPI: When did you first hear about CPI?

West: I first learned about CPI when Onramp moved into an old office  in 1998. The small telecommunications style data center was configured with CPI Two-Post racks and Ladder Racks. I repurposed some of the gear left behind and purchased more to create a data center space for Onramp and our customers.  

CPI: How do CPI products differentiate from others in the market?

West: The quality of the engineering and workmanship are apparent in all the products. Attention to detail in the protection of the products during the shipping process is one such detail that is easily missed.  

CPI: How was your experience with our experts, employees or tech support?

West: The few times I interacted with CPI, the support was excellent. I was able to speak with engineers about design changes required to protect network gear from heat buildup while using TeraFrame® cabinets with solid rear doors and chimneys. I found the team to be receptive to suggestions, and they followed up when further research was required.

CPI: Do you have any specific results from before using our cabinets/products to after?

West: I would not attempt to place loads greater than 10KW in a rack unless I had engineered solutions from CPI. Once we implemented the TeraFrame cabinets with Vertical Exhaust Ducts and blanking panels, customers were able to load 25 kW-plus per rack, and the exhaust was directed to the return air plenum, maximizing the efficiency of the data center cooling systems.

We have various case studies highlighting much (but not all) of what CPI does so well— exceptional customer service. How about you—how was your experience with CPI? Let us know, and we'll share it with the rest of the world!

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 10/06/2014 01:11:12 PM

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